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I have been a New York City based Director of Photography since 2018.

My first gig was on the documentary feature A Field Afar with Castletown

Media about Father Vincent Capodano who died in Vietnam and was

awarded the posthumous Medal of Honor for his bravery during the Marine

Operation Swift. Since then I have worked as a freelance  director of

photography for Castletown Media regularly as well as Hayden5 and

Lemonlight Media. Much of my work is focused on documentary style shoots,

commercial and some short form narrative projects.

Looking at life through the lens of a camera becomes more

rewarding and exciting to me year after year. It is a craft that

one can continue to develop throughout their career and I

find that to be very engaging. I hope I can bring my joy for

filmmaking to your projects. If you wish to contact me about

working together please click here.

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